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“Educating children to become creative problem solvers.”

One of the main purposes of STEAM-education, is equipping students to be creative problem solvers. This can be achieved through STEAM-programs with the use of Computational Thinking (CT). There is a vital compatibility possible between STEAM and CT because they are both related to problem solving, but it requires a shift towards an educational framework, wherein we must cooperate and coordinate more. Therefore, at the heart of the STEAM-CT project are inquiry, collaboration and an emphasis on process-based learning. Such an approach will motivate young people, and can be a great contributor to the evolution towards human-centred longer-term socio-technical possible futures. 


The STEAM-CT project runs from September 2019 until August 2022 and will have following outcomes:

  • STEAM-CT didactical model to clarify the link between STEAM and CT, and the integration of both in class projects

  • STEAM-CT scan, a tool to recognize and evaluate projects/activities on STEAM and CT

  • 20 good practices of STEAM-CT projects for the age group 3-14 years old 

  • open access e-learning platform with e-course on STEAM-CT.

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