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Process - Active learners

Active learning is an approach that involves active engagement of students in their learning. This can be reached through project based learning (see further).

Active learning can also happen by implementing gGamification elements.  entails the use of elements of games to alter and add to our daily landscape of activities by engaging us in non-game contexts. Modern STEAM education requires instructors to not only recite learning content, but also to teach the concepts and ideas behind abstract formulas. Interactive simulations are one of the most powerful tools for increasing the students’ problem-solving abilities, and enhancing their understanding of conceptual models and formulas, which are hard to visualize without technology-enhanced tools. (Pirker & Gütl, 2015) 

Playfulness plays a crucial role to involve a wide audience in learning CT skills. Embracing a playful experience can help students progress in STEAM subjects by learning CT skills while enjoying the learning experience. Designing a system to include collaborative aspects can be effective in stimulating end-user’s reflections on problem-solving formalized through an interactive and collaborative technology, for example a tabletop. Those reflections can lead to learning quite articulate CT skills for problem-solving such as implicitly adopting a divide-et-impera strategy (Turchi et al., 2019)

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