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STEAM-CT Projects
9-12 years

Students prepare a trip for a group of students their age from another country. In groups, they prepare a virtual travel expo and a visit plan for the foreign students, each group exhibiting the most important aspects of one region in their country. 

In this project students will be young composers. They will start writing their own melodies by applying given rhythmic patterns. Students will begin by analyzing famous pieces of music, then they will study the intervals and understand the musical phrases by connecting them to the spoken language. In the end, they will get instant feedback on their compositions using music notation software (eg. Musescore).

In this project students are “Young Entrepreneurs”. Students design and implement their own business idea or pop-up store. Students learn about basic economic skills and entrepreneurship. As part of the project students will be advertising their idea and “selling” their products and services and producing customer satisfaction data which will be analyzed.

In this project students will be introduced with colour blindness as the decreased ability to see colors. They discuss what types of colour blindness exist and how this is related to genetics. Students will try to find colour blind people around and make some statistics. Also they will design websites or lapbooks for colour blind people.

In this project students will be introduced to Earth as a huge magnet and how the compass works which can help us not to be lost. What is location and what a global address consists of? Students will know how to create two different types of compass (one homemade, other mobile app).

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