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STEAM-CT Projects
12-15 years

In this project students will learn about wind energy as a renewable source of electricity and power. They will discuss advantages and challenges in using wind energy. Students will make their own anemometer to measure wind speed and carry out a weather survey to find the windiest places.They will take part in wind turbine design with tinkercad. 

 In this project students will design and build a model of Smart Greenhouse, an automated cold greenhouse capable of self-management, monitoring the data detected by the plants through sensors and able to remotely control the environment of cultivation. When necessary, students will intervene through an app on the levels of temperature, humidity, quantity of water and brightness.

Within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals, the students' concern is how can they help to achieve these goals? In this context came the idea of organizing a fundraising event for UNICEF.

For this event, students will have the opportunity to explore mathematics and finance content, as well as develop digital skills, solidarity, creativity and critical and computational thinking.

In these activities students will have the opportunity to explore content related to healthy eating and risks associated with eating foods rich in Salt and Sugar. The aim is for students to reflect on their daily diet and develop proposals for improvement for the various meals and, at the same time, to share them with the school community in order to instill necessary changes.

In this multi subject project students will research the usage of energy around the world and in their own country. Students innovate smart solutions to save electricity and design smart spaces in which these solutions will be implemented.

Students design and build a prototype of a 21st Century Walking frame. In groups, they research on some specific problem of the elderly and design a practical solution to be attached to a walking frame.

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