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STEAM CT during Corona time

In november 2019, the team first met during the Kick off meeting in Brugge. STEAM CT is a follow up of STEM4MATH ( So we are the same group, but some new partners joined the partnership (Vilnius University, G. Giardino from Italy). We had a great time in Brugge and had a really good meeting working on the different Intellectual Outputs of the project: We worked on a first draft for a didactical model and the STEAM CT scan, decided on the themes for the first 10 STEAM CT projects and agreed on a structure for our website. We then never thought we couldn't meet each other again for a certain not well defined time... We should have had a meeting in April in Finland and a meeting in October in Vilnius. All canceled due to this Corona virus. Such a pity!

Instead of meeting each other life, we have now TEAMS meetings from our desks in order to work on the different outputs... Our last online meeting was on 14 september: We finished the didactical model, which is now on the website, and we agreed on how to pilot the different STEAM CT projects we are working on... We keep the spirit high and are still hoping to see each other during this school year to work together as a team on the project in real life...

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