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GO! basisschool Ter Elzen Wijtschate – Belgium


GO! basisschool Ter Elzen is a school for primary education organised by the public body called “GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap”. The Flemish Community Education (in short: GO!) represents the public education in Flanders organised by the Flemish Community.

GO! basisschool Ter Elzen is a school located in Heuvelland. In this school there are two divisions, the pre-school children from 2,5 to 6 years and the primary school from 6 to 12 years. The school is located in a rural and very green area.

Our school strives towards high-quality education for everyone. Quality has to do with the ability to develop all the skills and talents of every pupil. It also involves full development of personalities and broad development of children into individuals that are able to live together as active citizens in our democratic society.

The team involved in this project is mainly the teaching team of the primary education division of GO! basisschool Ter Elzen, with the director. This team has experience in using methods and tools concerning STEM education. Every grade tested STEM4MATH activities, developed within the STEM4MATH project and according to the didactic model of STEM4MATH. This model contains criteria necessary to set up successfully integrated STEM-activities with a clear incorporation of mathematics. These activities helped the teachers to improve their teaching skills in phenomenon-based learning and experience based learning. These activities also strengthened their didactical skills for interdisciplinary learning in which mathematics, science, engineering and technology are equally represented.

The new general curriculum of the secondary education schools, which is gradually implemented from September 2019, requires the primary schools to provide and facilitate programming in their curricula. This STEAM-CT project provides us with great tools and new teaching methods to incorporate in our teaching and improve the learning.

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