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Our school is located in Haninge about 30 min outside Stockholm. The surrounding is a green wonderful area near Tyresta Nationalpark with big possibilities to develop teaching. We have about 600 students and 95 adults working. The school is divided in different organisations:

Preschool class (from the age of 6), Compulsory school (from the age of 7 and sometimes 6, consists of nine school years), Special school (children who due to a functional impairment or for other special reasons cannot attend the compulsory school or the compulsory school for learning disabilities), Compulsory school for learning disabilities (within the school there is a special orientation called the training school. This is intended for pupils who have a lack of knowledge in all or parts of compulsory

schooling for pupils with learning disabilities in some subjects) Vendelsömalmsskolan a school for everyone! To find a school where you can enjoy and develop is equally important, regardless of age. Our values are based on four mainwords: consideration, safety, collaboration and happiness.

Vendelsömalmsskolan is a school that always work to improve the students results. We struggle for a lifelong learning which outcome is to give every student possibilities to develop their own qualifications both in terms of knowledge and social skills. Since we also have classes with special needs we work a lot with inclusion.

We also work with the Activity Programme (called Trivselprogrammet). It is a programme for primary and secondary schools where games and activities are encouraged during breaks. In our school we educate Activity Leaders from grade 3-6.

The Activity leaders are responsible for having organised games during the breaks and include every student in the different games. The goal is to promote and increase a wider variety of games/play and activity during breaks and also to support and encourage the building of better relationships between the students (

Our students come from different backgrounds. The education level of the families are not high. We have many students with little interest in school. We work a lot with students motivation. “No, I dont ́t want to, it ́s boring or Why should we learn this” are common phrases which students use. Teaching in our school is a challenge! You have to work with different methods and “customize” your lessons to each student. It is usual that you have to use about five different ways of teaching in one lesson. We need to develop our teaching. We need to teach our students in a way so that they can see and understand the connection and context between the subjects. Instead of trying to convince our students why they should learn what they learn we can let them explore it and find it by themselves. Increasing the students motivation is a big achievement to fulfill.

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