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Vives - Belgium


VIVES University College


Stephanie Vervaet

Kristof Van De Keere


VIVES is a higher education institution and the core business is to ensure higher education for students at bachelor level (EQF level 6) in the study areas Applied engineering and Technology, Biotechnology, Education, Commercial Sciences and Business Management, Health Care and Applied Social Studies.


Besides delivering higher education, VIVES has several centres of excellence, in which they perform practice based research and offer services to society. One of these centres of excellence is the VIVES hub of ‘Innovation in Education’. Its goal is to develop efficient and usable didactics, methods and tools concerning education in STEAM. Its research starts from specific and concrete research questions, which are relevant for educational practitioners such as stimulating 21st century skills and children’s attitude towards environmental issues and STEAM. With regard to these topics the research group works together with other (inter)national partners on a systematic innovation of the curriculum and practice of education. The expertise is disseminated mostly by organizing coaching programs for teachers, students and teacher educators (trainers) and through (inter)national publications.

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